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Since 2005 Shadowcat Systems has been helping companies worldwide to meet the need to deliver sustainable environments by evolving their business systems. We are experts in utilising open source solutions to provide greater value and business efficiency.

Shadowcat do not just use open source tools, software or languages, we are proud members of the open source community. All the Shadowcat staff and contractors are contributors to open source projects and events worldwide.

We are known not just for software contributions but to organising events, public speaking and advocacy, maintaining repositories, running organisations that support the open source world. Shadowcat are great believers in contributory solutions and into an integrated environment between community and commerce.

"Flash forward to today [paper set in 2015 ~Ed.] - open source is the default; 78% of businesses are now operating on open source software. Phipps quoted another interesting fact - more than 50% of businesses state that they find the open source option more secure than proprietary software. The reason? Everyone is looking at the source code and using it, and what everyone uses, everyone is interested in safeguarding."

We've helped customers to select and deploy turnkey solutions; kickstart development of new projects with a core built on modern best practices; and re-imagine existing systems. We focus on your needs. Helping you to discover the best possible long term path forwards. We progress in steps that each bring demonstrable incremental improvements in areas visible to your stakeholders. If you want to unlock the full potential of your technological investments, we can help with consultancy, training and support packages.

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Because Shadowcat are at the edge of technological change and business evolution we are very aware of the many challenges that organisations face in regards to security and legislation. Our staff regularly attend seminars and workshops at conferences to keep abreast of the changing pace of digital safety. We have a great deal of knowledge and can help organisations find the most affordable approach to mitigate risks associated with cyber security and legal compliance. Visit our page on the GDPR and security to learn more.

If you want to discover which of your core challenges can be swept away by carefully selected technology choices, we can provide analysis and recommendations chosen from best of breed open source solutions. If you want to empower your development team to deliver their best, we can provide specialist technological expertise so your team can focus on doing what it takes to provide real business value.

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Visit GDPR page to learn how we can help you navigate compliance.

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LocalLoop System

The LocalLoop system monitors local spending and is a joint project with other organisations.

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Enlightend Perl Organisation

The EPO is a Perl community organisation with which Shadowcat has a long association.

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