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Shadowcat Systems is an open source software developer
the brain-child of Matt Trout and Mark Keating

Shadowcat Systems is an open source software developer, consultancy and software company provider based in the UK but accustomed to operating worldwide via electronic communications and distributed development environments.

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We offer proven expertise in development of networked systems and reliably automating manual processes from business workflow to systems and network management. Shadowcat is committed to Open Source technology and specialises in working with Open Source Software and open standards and protocols. Shadowcat also contributes back to the community with patches, scripts and occasionally full packages.

Some of the projects we currently involved with are Catalyst, Moose and DBIx::Class (DBIx::Class was originally conceived by Matthew Trout of Shadowcat who remains the Lead Developer and Architect of the project).

Shadowcat is the brain-child of Matt Trout and Mark Keating, the former a developer and systems architect, the latter a graphic, web and user interface designer. We believe that application and systems automation development can be vastly improved by building technologies with the empowerment of the user in mind - rather than providing software designed to allow a computer to do something, we provide software designed to allow a person to do something; the fact that it does so via the means of a computer is a secondary consideration.