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YAPC::EU 2007 Blog, Day Four

Sturm, sturm sturm sturm. Sturm, sturm sturm sturm. Sturmey-sturm, wonderful sturm. Sturmey-sturm, wonderful sturm. Sturm, sturm sturm sturm...

YAPC::EU 2007: Vienna: Day Two

29th August: Day Two of the Conference

We had a bit of a split on this day with some of us deciding to use part of the afternoon to look at a bit of Vienna while we were here. Natters (our chef) was one of those people as he thought it odd to drive over a thousand kilometres not to look at the place so we headed off into the heart of the city. Well that was the plan...

Some of Vienna's wonderful views

One hour later we had become thoroughly lost, the roads we were on no longer resembled anything on our map and we had decided that we should have never have crossed the Danube canal. While sheltering under an awning and studying our rather inadequate map we were saved by a young woman who took pity on these sad and drenched followers. She kindly told us we were miles away from our intended destination and pointed us along the correct path (her directions were accurate as we were soon in territory that our map covered)

Suddenly the gods decided we had done our penance and paid our dues. The rain stopped and we were able to take pictures and look around some of Vienna magnificent architecture. The centre of the old city is very impressive and well worth going to see. Natters and i found a food fair and decided to try the local whiskies, cheeses, breads and sturm. Amazing really that a chef visits a foreign city and instantly gravitates to the nearest food fair without even checking where it was.

Look ma we found a food fair with Sturm

The evening was the usual conference dinner. This years was a very heavy meat affair which was unfortunate for one SC staffer as they are vegetarian! (We only keep them around for the possible apocolypse as they would be a good source of food - they're quorn fed). The usual YAPC situation occurred though, we drank the venue dry of beer. It seems that every year the organisers try to pick the most appropriate place (and they're usually good) but someone fails t inform the place that YAPC attendees can drink like fishes. Oh well, there's always next year...though I understand that Copenhagen is expensive for the foamy sauce so it might be the first YAPC where the bar isn't drunk dry. I wonder it YAPCs on other continents suffer the same fate. The organisers deserve praise for arranging appropriate transportation to and from the venue.