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YAPC::EU 2007 Blog, Day Five

Yesterday's forgotten the morning after...

YAPC::EU 2007: Vienna: Day Three

30th August: Day Three of the Conference

The sun was out, the sky was vaguely blue and for many of the attendees that was irrelevant as they were nursing the hangover from the night before :) As usual the day following the conference dinner was a little more muted an affair, I did feel sorry for all those lightning talks that were done in the early part of the day after such a good night before.

The Conference Auction

Of course the main part of the day was always going to be the conference auction. This is by way of no insult to the many fine talks that were given on the last day of which I crammed in four (between mourning the loss of many people who over-succumbed to the revelries of the night before - also known as laughing at the drunks :) ). This year's auction was again compered/called (does he do bingo?) by Greg much to everyone's delight, the man has a true talent for this. Shadowcat had decided to auction Matt to help anyone finish a web application and I think he went for 60 euros (a bargain), meanwhile Greg raised a stupendous ammount on himself by being nominated to do an hour a day in the gym with Dr Conway for next years YAPC. Dr Conway also arm-wrestled one of the conference organisers, I personally felt sorry for the organiser as it is well known that the good Doctor is a strong bloke.

The usual round of thanks were given and the auction of next years penance for the organisers (the people of Denmark must wear the tattoo of a Swedish Flag on their foreheads) duly auctioned the conference was drawn to a close.

Dr Conway arm wrestles

YAPC::EU 2007 was a fun event with a good number of varied talks and was well organised. I would welcome the organisers of next years conference to consider using a suitably equipped venue. I think the lecture theatres were a great location to listen to the various speakers. On the note of the speakers I yet again didn't manage to see all the talks that I wanted to, I dearly wish I had. I saw more than last year and this has strengthened my resolve to see even more of them next year.