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First Post!

Fri Oct 5 15:15:00 2012

Caomh Veneficus Gysgodi o gath III

First Post

So here's my first post on the official Shadowcat Blog since starting in August 2012!

Much has happened since including the September NWE Hackday where mdk completed a redesign of the IronMan site (go look, it's very swish!).

During the hack day I upgraded the beta site IronBoy to use the latest version of Dave Cross's Perlanet utilising much of the work done by Oliver Charles. That's been running for a few weeks now with no issues so we're planning on rolling that to the live site real soon now!

The new job goes well with Shadowcat sponsoring some of my time to work on community projects, watch out for the new External Bug Tracker support features to be added to Patches submitted and awaiting review.

We're all now working up to London Perl Workshop so if you want to talk, get your submissions in real soon now and we'll see you there!