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Ironman upgrade to Perlanet

Sun Oct 28 13:00:00 2012

Caomh Veneficus Gysgodi o gath III

Perlanet-Ironman upgrades

So at the last Northwest England Perl Mongers Virtual Hackday a long running chunk of work was completed to upgrade the Ironman feed collector to the latest version of Dave Cross's Perlanet 0.56.

After a spell doing the deed on the Ironboy site where we do all our test deployments for Ironman, no major issues were seen and the new version of Perlanet was rolled out along with the new version of Perlanet::IronMan on Sunday 21st of October 2012.

I'm now feeling confident enough with the update to announce it ;)

This update is to move to the new Moosified ways of working with Perlanet, so it's a pretty big refactor of the Perlanet-Ironman distribution. We're hoping however that the new code is much cleaner and less likely to make people run in terror when they look at it... YMMV...

Special thanks due to Oliver Charles on this one for undertaking much of the refactor work.