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External bug tracking for

Sun Oct 28 12:00:00 2012

Caomh Veneficus Gysgodi o gath III

I hear some people don't like Heretics! seems to evoke a somewhat marmite response[1] in most of the Perl developers I've spoken to about it. As someone who's used, administered and developed with RT since back in the 2.0.13 days I don't get why they don't like it! What's not to like?!

Ho hum.

So for you heretics and RT unbelievers out there, Shadowcat Systems have been hard at work producing a set of patches in order to make your lives easier - external bug tracking support in is just around the corner...


Up until now, various of the distribution build tools have let you set an alternative bugtracker mailto or web adddress. has used these to link through to the alternative bug tracker instead of however people can and will visit as a first point of call.

Introducing support for External Bugtrackers! If the META information has been set accordingly, the new set of patches will display the information at the top of the pages very visually indicating that our would be bug reporter should visit an alternative site or email the issue to the given address.


In your dist.ini you can add the following to your MetaResources config:

bugtracker.web    =
bugtracker.mailto =



This only seems to support setting the web URL, so you'll need to add the following to your Build.PL:

bugtracker '';



Within your Makefile.PL you can add:

resources bugtracker => '';


So, go and update your distributions as required and soon that information will be more visible to your potential users.


[1] You either love it or you hate it.