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METAMORpolitan - Endorsing Local Art

METAMORpolitan - Endorsing Local Art

Mon Jun 10 21:19:00 2013

Caomh Veneficus Gysgodi o gath III

idn hands over the blog to clj for a post

Supporting the community is an important mission here at Castle Shadowcat. As readers of this blog, you'll be aware of how much we campaign for various groups. [1]

Recently you may have seen some wonderful caricatures of mdk and mst as well as the Shadowcat logo, all created by the extremely talented Jack Knight. Chrissy and idn are in discussion and I really can’t wait to see what Jack comes up with.

Jack decided to do some art just for him, and let us know that he was going to put on his own exhibition. Jack started a kickstarter campaign to help raise funds and with the help of local people and some local businesses (including Shadowcat), Jack got everything prepared and finished while still doing commissioned work.

The exhibition is set!

As sponsors, we received an invitation to the private opening of the exhibition on Saturday (1st June). Sadly, both mdk and mst were flying over to America for YAPC::NA so it was up to idn and myself to hold the Shadowcat mantle. mdk had already created promotional Shadowcat T-Shirts using Jack’s design so as a small gift of appreciation for all Jacks work, we gave him one of the T-Shirts.

Jack gets his Shadowcat t-shirt

Jack Knight receiving his Shadowcat T-Shirt

Perusing the showcase with a glass of sparkling Chardonnay (or orange juice in idn's case), Jack’s art was remarkable; the modern vibrancy of the work leapt from the stark white walls of the Library and encourage all to a lighter side of life.

Some of my favourites were: “Magneterranean Alleyway” an interactive canvas which allowed you to use magnetic letters on the canvas to create your own words (idn couldn’t help himself).

“The Sweetie Museum” re-imagined the Lancaster Museum into a child's candy land, was delicious and “Wishes Worth The Wait”, is an outstanding visual with the thought that giving is always better than receiving, which I am glad to say will be adorning a wall in our house once the exhibition has closed.

I will definitely be calling in to see those resplendent pieces again before the end of June. If you’re in the Lancaster area, I highly advise you to take a moment out of your busy schedule and make the most of the vibrant art of Jack Knight while you have the chance.[2]

Exhibition information can be found at METAMORpolitan Or for information about Knight Time Creations

[1] If you don’t know whom we support, where have you been hiding? Have a look at mdk's look back at 2012 "The Year in Review"

[2] Can’t wait for Jack's next exhibition