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Perl QA Hackathon 2011

An update on the event

Tue Feb 15 14:47:35 2011

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the event is a great benefit to the community and enhances a wide range of programmes

2011 Perl QA Hackathon
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As announced on the Shadowcat news page a couple of weeks ago I have joined the organisers for the Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon which will be held on the 16th-18th April 2011 in the European city of Amsterdam. The major sponsors this year are who have provided generous funds and rooms in their Amsterdam offices for the event to take place. As in previous years the guests attending will have their travel and accommodation provided for them, the event seeks to bring the best talent together to focus on developing a higher degree of quality on a variety of systems and projects.

The latest announcement covers the fact that the call for participation has now ended are there are a total of twenty-nine participants for the event. Erica at has now took on the task of finding suitable accommodation for those that need it and the other organisers have started to look for funds to cover the costs.

If you would like to become a sponsor then visit, we seek sponsorship from organisations and individuals (no contribution is either too large or too small), the organisers have already approached YEF, Paris Perl Mongers, the Vienna Perl Mongers and the Enlightened Perl Organisation at this current time.

It is a great privilidge to work with the other organisers to bring this event to the community for a fourth consecutive year following events in Oslo (2008), Birmingham (2009) and Vienna (2010), the event is a great benefit to the community and enhances a wide range of programmes. I should be appearing at the event as part of the organising team with Shadowcat Systems sponsoring my travel costs.

If you would like to read the latest news about the Perl QA Hackathon then it can be found here There will be further press releases that will detail hotel, sponsorship and other details of the conference.

If anyone has feedback (and until we have a commenting system) please don't hesitate to email me at: m.keating [at], if your comments are useful, fun, or just plain interest to me, or if I think will be useful to others, then I will add them to the end of this post, let me know how you would like to be named (anon, nick etc.).


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Mark Keating is the organiser of the London Perl Workshop (since 2008), has joined the organising team for the QA Hackathon in 2011 and Dynamic Languages Conference 2011.