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Oh noes, someone else uses Velociraptor!

What is in a name?

Sun Jun 24 17:35:27 2012

Image of the Velociraptor

I have heard some discussion on the continued use of the velociraptor now that there is a PhP framework of the same name.

Personally I would be forced not to answer 'so what?'. I don't think it is important that there is a similar usage of the name and I don't think it matters that it is in a language some people see as a competitor to Perl 5.

The language isn't Perl and that is fairly obvious, so anyone confused are likely to not understand about Perl anyway; the framework are as free to use the word as we are and the relevance is simply that.

I am not sure why people are always striving towards this idea of 'unique' when it comes to naming conventions. Surely it is the marketing and branding that is important. If we use 'velociraptor' in association with Perl 5 more then the PhP framework does, if we get a historical dominance then we need not even concern ourselves from a marketing or promotional viewpoint.

I guess there is a fear of being identified with that project, or being contaminated by it. But, we suffer that anyway. Unless we make up fairly new words or portmanteau some traditional ones (Mojolicious anyone?), we are always going to run into this. Try Googling Catalyst without adding the word Framework for an example of what I mean.


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