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Looking forward to the event

Tue Jun 5 16:00:27 2012


It is less than a week until Matt and I fly out to Madison to attend this years Yet Another Perl Conference. Though, we travel on a Monday we will not land until nearly midnight so it is fair enough to say that it is a week before we get to the hotel for YAPC::NA::2012.

I am already get excited at the prospect of attending my first YAPC in 3 years, the last NA I was able to attend was in Pitsburgh in 2009 as my son was born at the same time as NA::2010 and his first birthday coincided with 2011.

This year I will be attending not just as the Managing Director of Shadowcat Systems, but also as the Chair of the Marketing Committee for the Perl Foundation, and a Director/Secretary of the Enlightened Perl Organisation.

Both Matt and I will be giving talks at the event (linked below) and I have submitted a Lightning Talk and feel fairly certain that Matt will do similar. While there I will be attending Perl Foundation events and representing the organisation on the table during the Job Faire.

If you do attend the Job Faire make sure you pop along and say hello. There are a number of items that will be sat on the table for a first come-first served giveaway including; 3 designs of t-shirt (8 Onion, 10 Limited Edition Recursive t-shirts and 3 unique-to-NA tees made for just this event); 3 designs of Beermat (2 of Matt and 1 Shadowcat special); Flyers for the Perl Foundation (which every attendee should grab at least one for their workplaces or meeting places); A bunch of limited art cards (created and printed by Mark); 5 different designs of sticker; some Shadowcat carrier bags and a few pens supplied by Bytemark.

You can also grab Mark or Matt at one of the Hallway++ events. This year to coincide with the streaming of the conference Matt is going to run a Hallway++ event. So make sure you read all about that and join in with the frivolities.

Hopefully I will be able to blog more from the event to either the Shadowcat or blogs but it is going to be a full week so I can promise nothing.

If you are at YAPC::NA make sure you come along and say hello. Matt and I are always glad to meet new faces and to hug warmly (which is sometimes unwanted) old friends.


Conference Website
Mark's Talk
Matt's Talk
Mark's Lightning Talk
Job Fair

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