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The Things that Impress About Sarah

Thu Mar 28 23:00:00 2013

I was at the Lancaster Tweet-Up on Wednesday evening (27th March), organised by Jane Binion of Jane's Social Media and Michael Hallam of Lancaster ESTA, where I saw the talented Sarah, of Backroom SAM, give a short presentation on her company.

BackRoom SAM

Sarah is a sole trader and Backroom SAM provides affordable [Support - Administration - Marketing] to local traders in the Lancashire area, though she will cover business as far south as Preston and north to Kendal.

So why did she focus on providing an individual service as an independent trader to a small regional area. Well she has five strong reasons that she was able to share with us, Sam is:

  • Local
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Multi-talented
  • Personal

What this means is that Sarah likes the local area and the local people. Sarah is also a member of ESTA which is an association of ethical local traders dedicated to providing good service, transparency of relations and ethical business practices.

Sarah is flexible in the services she offers and in the range of packages she makes available, giving everything from a short course in focused marketing to a full multi-media targeted marketing plan. She will also provide administration for office tasks to the small trader.

She is also multi-talented and it was clear that she invests a lot of time in keeping herself conversant with modern social marketing tools and electronic campaigns. She will also advise on aims and objectives and identify a marketing focus to suit your goals.

If you are local to the Lancaster area I recommend you talk to Sarah, she will help you identify your marketing needs and bring an approach to solving them.