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Converting to Markdown

Transitioning my Text

Wed Jan 2 15:55:00 2013

MDK in SteamPunk visage

So I have decided to use Markdown for writing some of my posts for Shadowcat and other blogs in. I have a few reasons for doing so:

  • Some of the Syntax is similar to Wiki which I do a lot of;
  • It is readable by people who don't know html well;
  • The links are far more sensible to define;
  • The Company website supports writing in it;
  • Two of my primary note taking apps support it;
  • My business partner and tech-guru likes it;
  • It is Perl;

One of my primary reasons is to make better use of hyperlinks in my notation. I have increasingly come into the habit of placing links to regular iterms at the end of a document then I only have to write the html once.

For example, in the past when mentioning [Shadowcat][], which is my company website, I have generally left it unlinked when the word is used in a paragraph about [Shadowcat][] and then made the link in a unordered list near the footer.

Now when I mention [Shadowcat][] I can make sure the word is linked inline with every usage but only need have one reference to it in the markdown text.

So this post, and indeed many more to come will start life as markdown posts and slowly I will convert to using it in full.

We shall see what happens...

[Shadowcat]: "Shadowcat Systems Limited: Supporting CPAN"