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Praising the Perl QA Sponsors

Praising Those Who Dared

Mon Mar 18 21:25:00 2013

I would like to take a few moments of your time to thank all of the sponsors of the Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon so far. If you would like to sponsor the event then please visit the donations page.

Sponsoring an event as important as the Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon is an important mark of the respect and regard in which they hold the Perl community. The hackathon is not a hugely visible event outside of the community, and to many potential sponsors the fact that it is more concerned with improving the language and the tools as opposed to promoting the language itself is actually detrimental. There is no immediate return to the investment, the audience is the people who are concerned with quality assurance and language veracity.

But that would undersell this important event.

Many of the members of the Perl community look to this event to improve the language, they are aware that the people who attend this event are often at the cutting edge of not only quality tools but the development of the language itself. The sponsors are seen as important contributors, not just to the corporate ecosystem but the the qualitative aspects of the language and community.

It is, therefore, with great regard that I introduce you to our sponsors.


It is easy to say that cPanel make the task of web hosting management a simple affair. It is almost trivial to add that via WHM they present a third-party application interface to further extend the functionality and promote cooperation and features.

This, of course, would be a massive oversimplification.

cPanel are a core company in a very large industry. The cPanel product has been long established as an industry leader and to many people it is the industry standard, which is a difficult task is a pool so large and so full.

cPanel live and breathe Perl, the system is developed on top of the perl language and they as a company have come to be known widely in the community as a sponsor, supporter, promoter and organiser not just of perl people, but of community events and language development.

It is a colossal honour to welcome them as sponsors of this year's quality assurance hackathon and it is a fervent hope that this association will continue for a number of years to come.


If you say DjikMat to the perl community the image that springs into mind is of two of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. It is hard to think of this company, who have been a core of the European perl scene for more than a decade, without seeing the smiling faces of Liz and Wendy.

Once again it is with extreme gratitude that I get to thank these two magnificent people for their unflinching support of the community, their unwavering dedication to the language and their authoritative presence that truly makes any modern perl event a special occasion.

It will be an honour for the organisers to welcome them to this year's hackathon once again.


Dyn started a mission to redefine how we manage DNS more than a decade ago, and in that time they have become the industry standard for excellence at this task. The fact that Dyn use Perl to accomplish a great many tasks is no real surprise, and to those of us in the Perl community the fact that Dyn is once again gracing the list of sponsors at a perl event is no surprise either.

Matthew Horsfall has been a prominent member of the perl community and has represented Dyn at a number of events. Once again he will be traveling to the Hackathon to further the cause of quality assurance and represent a great company.


It isn't very often that you can think about a recruitment company and instantly have a list of positive contributions they have given to a community. This isn't to sound disparaging about the industry, but their involvement is usually just to make money and move onwards. Eligo are a little different.

Eligo pride themselves on getting the best candidates and the best situation not just for companies but for the individuals they place in those companies. Rick Deller, the Perl specialist at Eligo, takes that very seriously.

Rick has made himself a member of the local perl community and active in the perl world. Rick and Eligo were not just sponsors at the London Perl Workshop, Rick attended the event and was a member of the panel on the perl job market.

Since then Rick has gone one stage further and has teamed up with Dave Cross to take Perl into the universities and to attempt to educate the next generation of coders as to the shape of the job market and value of training and community.

Eligo don't just want a strong job market, they want a strong language and support a strong community. Rick volunteers to be a member of our community and to me that makes him invaluable. it also speaks volumes for the company he represents and who seek to support our community.

$foo Magazin

$foo Magazin is a quality producer of perl articles and discussions and its publisher Renée Bäcker is an ardent supporter of his local German Perl Community and the wider perl world.

$foo Magazin is a regular name on the sponsors list for perl events and once again I have the real pleasure of thanking them for their contribution to the Perl QA Hackathon. They were the first company to jump in with an offer of sponsorship the moment after my call for sponsors landed in the inboxes.

If you bump into Renée make sure to thank him for his unflinching support of our community and let him know that it is greatly appreciated.

Les Mongueurs de Perl

Magnifique, Fantastique, Superb

There is no wonder, to my mind, why there is a list of superlatives that describe excellence in French, that's because I have the honour of knowing many of the French Perl Mongers.

This geographically diverse, yet structurally competent, group have been responsible for a whole swathe of events in Perl's history. Their members can rack up renown as organisers of events such as:

  • YAPC::Europe
  • French Perl Workshop
  • Hackathons
  • Quack and Hacks
  • Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon
  • YEF

They also created ACT (A Conference Toolkit) and provide many of the banking services for perl events in Europe.

But they contribute not just their time, energies and abilities, but their money. Once again they are contributors to the Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon and their generous donation will result in refunded travel costs for some of the attendees. One day we can all track them down and buy them that much deserved beverage of their choice and shake them warmly by the hand for their continuing support and dedication to our community.

Enlightened Perl Organisation

The Enlightened Perl Organisation is on a mission to further the understanding of the Perl 5 language and to promote the language, and its usage, in the corporate ecosystem. The Enlightened Perl Organisation seeks to unify the community and company worlds in their devotion to Perl.

The EPO is a members organisation that seeks sponsorship, membership fees, and donations to further a number of projects including:

  • The Send-A-Newbie Initiative
  • CPAN testers
  • YAPC::Brasil
  • YAPC::Europe
  • London Perl Workshop
  • Perl QA Hackathon
  • MetaCPAN

The EPO is aligned to a number of other Perl groups such as the Perl Foundation and YAPC Europe Foundation. If you use Perl, like Perl, rely on Perl then you need to be a member of the Enlightened Perl Organisation