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Announcing Perl QA Hackathon

Improving the Tools

Fri Jan 11 13:25:00 2013

MDK in SteamPunk visage

It is my pleasure to announce that the Perl Quality Assurance website is now live and accessible. The QA Hackathon will take place over three days between 12-14th April 2012 in the North West of England. The closest airport is Manchester, though there are also airports that are nearby at Blackpool, Liverpool, Leeds/Bradford, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

If you are planning to attend this years event then you will need to visit the wiki and fill in details on the attendees, page along with the Expenses, Catering and Travel pages.

This year we are asking potential attendees to make a positive plan of what they hope to work on or achieve while at the event so that we can not only build a better Perl but promote the event appropriately and gain sufficient sponsorship to make it the best possible hackathon.

If you would like to sponsor the event, or know of someone who would sponsor then please contact Mark or Ian at your earliest convenience. We will also be allowing people to make smaller donations or complete sponsorship through the EPO website using our internal donation system. We welcome any contribution towards making this event happen.