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Send-A-Newbie 2013

Once Again We will Send Neophytes to YAPC::EU

Mon Jan 21 11:15:00 2013

MDK in SteamPunk visage

It is my pleasure to announce that the [send-a-newbie][san] initiative for 2013 has now started. This year we hope to send people new to the Perl Community Events to the YAPC::EU in Kiev from August the 12th-14th.

As always the initiative is open to people from any background, location, age or circumstance, the only caveats are:

  • † They must not have attended a large Perl event such as a YAPC previously;
  • † They are unable to attend because of financial reasons and need support to do so.

If you would like to apply for a grant towards attending you will need to follow the rules for doing so on the [Send-A-Newbie][san] website.

Last year the initiative ran out of funds, but the Oslo Perl Mongers became the first group to help revive the initiative with a generous donation of €1,000 (one thousand Euros). However, we do need more funds, if you would like to donate to the initiave you may do so online via the EPO site or by contacting Mark Keating.

We would love to see support from commercial partners for the initiative and would like to work with companies to best promote their sponsorship and involvement. For more details and to discuss how you can become a commercial partner please contact Mark Keating.

[san]: "Send A Newbie Homepage"