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Lancaster Social

The Video I made in my Presentation

Mon Mar 10 13:00:00 2014

A fortnight ago I was the very first presenter at the very first [Lancaster Social][lancsoc] which was organised by a group of people (Jane Binion, Ian Norton, Claire Jackson, Jack Knight, Sarah Thornton, Sharon Jackson and Michael Hallam) from an idea between Jane and myself.

The topic I spoke about was easy video making using applications. I spent about ten minutes on this and maybe fifteen minutes in a Q&A section. As part of this presentation I did a lightning tour of the Magisto application and made a video for everyone in less than a minute (though the uploading and return took 20 mins due to wifi speeds).

The upshot is that I created a video on the night, it took maybe five minutes to take the footage, 1 minute to demo and use the application. So using Magisto I made the following in 6 minutes.

If anyone who was there and doesn't want this video displaying them on the internet (please let me know what time code you appear at - screen grab would be most helpful - and I will edit you out).