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The Lancaster 'Space'

And the Lancaster and Morecambe Makers (LAMM)

Thu Jan 15 21:40:00 2015

In March there will be the launch of a new initiative on the White Cross Industrial Estate, the Lancaster 'Space' the home of the Lancaster and Morecambe Makers (LAMM). They will be having an official Launch on the 27th March with special guests from Lancashire County Council and an open invitation to all local businesses. On Saturday 28th march they will hold a public open day for all interested people to come and look at the 'Space' and hear about their plans.

The Lancaster and Morecambe Makers are a group of local ‘technically minded’ and ‘craft-orientated’ people from Lancaster and Morecambe who wish to integrate their passion for open technology, collaboration and shared learning, within the wider community and educational environments. Shadowcat Systems is closely connected to the 'Space' as it will be sponsoring a Laser Cutter at the location, being a trade member and five of the Lancaster staff are already members of LAMM.

The Logo for LAMM

LAMM are keen to focus on integrating the community and educational aspects of a Makerspace with the broader areas of companies, trade and industry. Their belief, and aim, is to foster an open environment for innovation, creation and commerce to broaden the community and create a sustainable environment that integrates business.

They will be launching the space with some incredible hardware, a 3D printer built by two of the members, an A2 Laser Cutter owned and sponsored by Shadowcat Systems and a range of electronic parts that will form the basis of a number of projects.

The 'Space' and the LAMM are a Membership organisation. They invite individuals and trades to apply for a membership. Membership will allow them open access to the 'Space' and hardware at a generously discounted rate. LAMM will also be announcing day and weekend rates for businesses and individuals who need occasional access and open days for everyone else.

The roadmap created for the organisation will see them increasing the number of machines and capabilities over the coming months and years and you can be an essential part of that.

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