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The Testers Need a Badge

Smoke me an Onion baby[0]

Thu Jan 22 00:00:00 2015

Let's face it CPAN Testers is an absolutely ace service. We have to agree to that right, and I know you will all instantly feel like following this link and making a donation to keep this service alive and well. I have said on a number of occasions over the years that we need just twenty companies or individuals to give a minimum £25 a month to keep these people alive and evolving. We haven't reached that target yet, so I keep having to say it.

However there is another group of people who keep this service alive and they are a large group. They are the Smokers.[1] Smoke testing and the CPAN Testers Smokers are the essential component in the service. This wonderful band of folks check the modules that are uploaded to the 'Pan against almost every conceivable environment. They are real stars and amongst them there are some that have achieved superstar status.[2]

They do this for almost no recognition and over the years have achieved no badge of office or sign of membership. Well I thought that needed to change so I have created one. I present to the world the Smokers badge. It comes in many varieties, just a few potentials are shown below. Over the next year I will be creating physical representations of these to show allegiance and have as badges. If you 'Smoke the Onion' or know someone who does then get their name on my list as I will be making physical tokens. Look out for stickers and badges at events in the future, and hold proud these people and the great work they do for us and the community. If you want a copy of the badge to use on your website or in your own media then let me know and I will send you a version.


This image is based on the re-made image that JJ created for the Perl Onion on his sites and is used by the Perl Foundation in association with the word Perl to make their Trademark. This particular version was redesigned from the ground up with the text incorporated as curves, it is not to be confused with the Perl Foundation's Logo and no attempt is made to make any 'unfair' association. It is the intention to release the logo under a Creative Commons Licence (Share Alike, Non-Commercial, Non-Derivative (CC-SA-NC-ND)).


[0] The Puns don't get any better people. Hopes there are some 'Dwarf fans out there.

[1] Someone is probably going to complain about the use of smokers, smoking and the inference one can obtain to an odorous and unhealthy habit from the use of positive language is inappropriate. In fact it was probably me, in this comment.

[2] Yes Bingos I am thinking of you.