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LAMM Launch Day

The Makers are Making Space

Fri Mar 13 22:00:00 2015

In a couple of weeks time the Lancaster and Morecambe Makers will be having a pair of launch days to celebrate the opening of the Space in Lancaster.[1]

Shadowcat Systems have been a formative force in the creation of both the Space and the LAMM group, partly due to the number of staff who are members of both and partly by being a member and giving financial aid to both.

The Space is a modern initiative for the centre of Lancaster (supported by the Property Management plus initiative, Creative Lancashire and Design Council, UK) offering a unique location for the members of the technological, manufacturing and digital industries to create and collaborate alongside members of the broader community.

The Inaugural event for the Space will take place in Sharpes Mill on Friday, 27th March - 14:00 – 16:00. On Saturday 28th March, 10:00-16:00, doors will be open to the public for a demonstration of the Space and some of the equipment.

One of the aims of the Space in Lancaster will be to help you to transform your concept/design/idea into a prototype, this can be to support applications for patents, show a proof of concept or for which you can take to your buyers in the market for selling!

Who are Lancaster and Morecambe Makers?

Lancaster and Morecambe Makers (LAMM) are a company limited by guarantee who own and operate the Space in Lancaster. The business challenge with the Space will be to increase collaboration and inspire innovation between micro- and small-business while also providing a small scale workshop for fabrication to either business or personal members.

Why Sharpes Mill?

White Cross Business Park is a prime location to host a Hackspace. The team at White Cross are forward thinking, supportive and innovative for modern business and business environments.

What is a (Hacker)(Maker)(Tech)(+)Space?

There are a few different types of space with overlapping definitions (see definitions), ideas and goals. Some have a slightly more creative, craft, feel and are almost entirely community workshops, others have a stronger manufacturing/digital ideology. They are often referred to as Hackerspace, MakerSpace, Fab Labs or TechShops. Some of these are commercially orientated and operated as franchises. The Lancaster 'Space' would be geared towards a fusion between a Hack Lab and Fab Lab offering elements of both and geared towards a partnership between community, educational, accessible fabrication and micro-small business collaboration, opportunity and innovation.

[1] The Space in Lancaster is the official name of the Lancaster Hackspace/Makerspace and it is located on the White Cross Business Park.