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The World of Grant Street Group

The World of Grant Street Group

Mon Apr 27 12:15:00 2015

I would like to introduce, and for many of you re-introduce, the wonderful people at Grant Street Group. I say re-introduce because if you have attended a YAPC::NA in the past you have likely already met them as they are regular members of the conference community that is the North American YAPC::NA. But I would like to speak to you about what they do.

Grant Street are Innovators

Grant Street Group really came into their prime when in 1997 they revolutionized the world of fixed income securities. This was achieved by hosting the world’s first online bond auction for the City of Pittsburgh.

Since that early, and ground-breaking start, Grant Street Group have progressed to develop, host, and administer customized software applications. These applications are used by government entities and financial institutions to support a variety of financial transactions. These can be related to areas such as; revenue collection, auctions of fixed income, auctions of legal instruments, and e-payments.

Grant Street Group use the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to provide our clients access to the latest technology from any location. GSG believe that all that is required is internet access, this model allows them to save their customers time, money, and staff resources.

Grant Street Embraced Perl...

Grant Street Group are not just a regular fixture on the YAPC::NA scene, they are also sponsors, speakers and regularly sit behind a stand happy to talk to the conference attendees. This year they will once again be at YAPC::NA in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Grant Street have been using Perl and Open Source technologies since their inception to provide all of their service at a corporate grade to financial institutions and local governments.

The focus of Grant Street Group is to provide Software that works, to help Government work better.

Grant Street are very proud to use Perl, in their words:

We find that Perl's extraordinary flexibility allows us to develop complex solutions quickly. Rather than constraining our Developers to one rigid approach, Perl frees our talented Developers to focus on the business problem at hand. We also love the ability to share Perl code publicly and contribute to patches that will benefit both ourselves and the community.

Their association with Perl is long and praise worthy. They have been sponsoring Perl events since the early 2000's and recently became a Perl Foundation bronze sponsor.

Grant Street have also established relationships with Universities to provide Perl internships and have started modest advocacies campaigns.

we have sponsored a number of Pittsburgh University and Carnegie Mellon students to participate to the last Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. We will be at YAPC::NA 2015 and hope to see you there.

Grant Street Group are hiring telecommuters in the US and Canada, you don't have to be an existing Perl developer as they have a track record of on-boarding non Perl Developers too.

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