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EPO Sponsors Strawberry Perl

More Strawberries Please

Thu Aug 20 15:40:01 2015

In August last year the Enlightened Perl Organisation sponsored the hosting for the Strawberry Perl Project after their original hosting contract ended. This is an important part of the Perl Community and it was considered essential to maintain such a great project.

This year the organising team for Strawberry Perl once again approached the EPO for help in securing sponsorship for a year’s worth of hosting. It is with enormous pleasure that I can state that this will be sponsored until at least August 2016.

The Enlightened Perl Organisation is a membership organisation with the sole aim of funding the important elements of the Perl community and promoting Perl 5 as an Enterprise Grade Language.

You can join the Enlightened Perl Organisation as either a contributory (paying) or non-contributory member. You can also donate to its many projects (send-a-newbie, CPAN Testers, Perl-QA, Strawberry Perl) either individually or by donating to the central fund. Without membership and donations the EPO would not be able to support such a wide variety of Perl projects.

The next event under the Enlightened Perl Organisation umbrella will be the London Perl Workshop to be held on 12th December at the University of Westminster.

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