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Hack Attack

EPO Hackathon

Fri Jul 21 17:00:20 2017

The EPO, Shadowcat Systems and Mark Keating are inviting people to attend and contribute to a one day hackathon to help organise and restructure the existing EPO sites. We will be looking at unsnarling the

So What is the Issue

The EPO Membership site has become snarled up with major upgrade issues and a bunch of oh-gods-it-is-easier-to-re-do-it problems. So that's the plan in a nutshell we have to redo it, and that’s a good point to integrate it into the same system the current main site uses to help with upgrading, maintenance and branding.

It is currently a CiviCRM running in Drupal on its own install, we want to integrate it into the main EPO infrastructure which is Wordpress.[1] See objectives below.


The Hackathon is being held on the Training Day the day before the official start of this years Perl Conference: Amsterdam (YAPC::EU::2017::Amsterdam), on Tuesday, 8th August.


Venie is now confirmed as the communal/lounge spaces at the conference main venue:

TPC/YAPC Venue B.Amsterdam Johan Huizingalaan 763A, 1066 VH Amsterdam, Netherlands View the map at

[REDACTED tbc - at this moment it is the lobby of Mark's hotel - Mercure (Airport)

  • Oude Haagseweg 20
  • Tel : (+31)20/5126767 - Fax : (+31)20/6159027]


There are a bunch of objectives but Mark, Tom Bloor and Finn Kempers have identified some primary concerns that they hope to get done on the day.

Existing Info and Thoughts

  • Original used to be a static site for, and the members was a completely separate Drupal & Civi install.
  • Website:
  • Need to keep the hostname due to SEO etc.
  • Kill existing drupal site, extracting data. Move to a different hostname eg. membersold.*
  • Possible issue with automated billing in paypal - need to make sure that's still covered and we get info about it.

New items

  • Needs to be easy to maintain, update, and manage.
  • All under one site, sort out redirects from members.
  • to new site as required (302 redirects)
  • Link up to paypal for payments.
  • Recreate current functionality for donations and membership
  • Minor style tweaks
  • Blog post and announcement
  • Wordpress improvements (Eg Akismet spam protection, jetpack, etc)

What needs sorting before

  • Read through documentation for installing CiviCRM, upgrades, etc.
  • Using the existing Wordpress site, double check about extra plugins.
  • Read up on user rights on CiviCRM for wordpress and who should have access
  • Tom/Finn: Proper breakdown of tasks and targets for the day
  • Mark: Signup page, location and announcement of event


  • Look at Xero, but not for this event.

[Don't forget that you can join in this conversation by using the comments form or by tweeting at @shadowcat_mdk]


[1] Right now I know a bunch of people either groaning or gloating that we are using a PhP based infrastructure for a Perl community site and the part of me that isn’t sensitive to those concerns is wondering when we can move on and get to the working solution.