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Who is the Cyberman?

Sun Apr 19 00:00:00 2009

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The growing Cartoony Men mystery pulls in yet more cultural mythos with a British TV classic

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Who is the Cyber Man?

Well if we were being pedants we would perhaps be asking "Who are the Cybermen?".

The answer is really very easy, the Cybermen are a race of people from the Doctor Who television series produced and owned by the BBC. They were originally a race of metal men from the planet Mondas (and also Telos), though this has altered in the modern Doctor Who where they were developed on an alternate Earth.

The Cybermen are a race of Cyborgs, literally men who made themselves into machines eradicating what they thought was a weakness, the flesh and emotions that make up mankind. This emotionless quality is often mocked by the successsive doctors and blamed for their eventual downfall. Though it is usually the interference of the Doctor that actually causes them to be destroyed.

The Cyberment were created by Dr Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis for the serialisation, The Tenth Planet. All copyright is owned by the BBC.

Their inclusion here is because of my fondness for the Doctor Who series and to continue the meme of this series of blogs that started with the Paper Man mystery.

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