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Stone Man

Who is the Stone Man?

Sat Apr 11 00:00:00 2009

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The mystery of the Stone Man begins, wait this is very familiar...

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Tin Man
Iron Man (modern)

Stone Man web image

If you thought the mystery had begun and would perhaps end with the mysterious, and yet strangely quixotic:


Then you were dead wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrongly wrong, wrong, wrong. Absolutely wrong, in fact just plain wrong in the wrongness of being wrong.[1]

For what light from yonder monitor breaks, it is the east and this new figure is the sun. What a sun did shine, and the light that burns twice as bright is very painful on the eyes, never burn a candle from three ends as it would be an odd shaped candle...[2]

So what is the oddly shaped man I see at the side of this page?

Is it a brick?

Is it a pebble?
Close, but still no.

Is it a duck?[3]
A duck?
Definitely not, you were closer with brick.
For it is....


Yes another strangely incongruously named man with a range of improbable super powers that are also strangely believable, such as:

The ability to lie still in a valley after being deposited there by an ice age.

Can be shaped by an artisan and form part of a regular structure.

Will roll down a hill and gather no moss, but if you leave him alone he will be covered in bird shit and lichen[4] in minutes.

Will sink like a...well like a stone actually.

Stone Man, a man who is a stone and who may, or may not, be related to the mystery of the Paper Man. Keep watching this blog for more, and possibly even less, clues to this ongoing mystery.

[1] Sigh. Sorry.

[2] Really going for it this time, may have to go and lie down in a darkened room if this continues.

[3] A foul pun, I know, but I was game for it.

[4] Can moss be compared to this?[5]

[5] Can it be likened to lichen?

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