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Karen and Wallace

Ladies and Gentlemen pray raise your glasses and Toast...

Tue Jul 28 14:20:35 2009

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...the amount to which we sponsor is not fixed, we don't have to tally up a set figure for a reward or recognition, all of it is valid...

To celebrate the Marriage of Wallace Reis (Wreis) and his partner Karen, on 8th August 2009, this page will show a running commentary from the irc channel for well wishers who canot be there.

To leave a message, open up your favourite IRC client and go to #karen-and-wreis on and the happy couple will be sure to read it.

Wallace has been a developer for Shadowcat Systems for a couple of years and is a well-loved member of many teams (I have to say that the man is getting married), we all wish we could have been with him in person, but we wil be toasting his good name in spirit (and probably many of them).

If anyone has feedback (and until we have a commenting system) please don't hesitate to email me at: m.keating [at], if your comments are useful, fun, or just plain interest to me, or if I think will be useful to others, then I will add them to the end of this post, let me know how you would like to be named (anon, nick etc.).


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