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An Incident Summary

Fri May 17 18:30:00 2013

An Incident Summary

* mst dons oper hat

At the end of April, an unproductive argument occurred on #yapc on

I received multiple complaints about all three primary participants in said unproductive argument.

I spoke to all three to explain how and why their behaviour had been unproductive and to suggest ways of preventing this from recurring.

Two agreed they were in the wrong and said they would attempt to be more productive in future such discussions, and were comfortable that I would be handling the other users' unproductiveness to try and provide the best possible chance of a positive future outcome.

One quit IRC without responding and has not to my knowledge returned, and as such I cannot speak to their opinion.

The people who originally complained to me have all indicated that they don't consider any further action need be taken.

As such, absent any further complaint made to myself or sungo (the other senior oper and as such the other half of the primary escalation channel), we consider the matter to be closed.

-- mst, out.

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