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Countdown to Christmas

December is here! Where did that year go?

Tue Dec 1 18:00:00 2009

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And lo, it is December once again. Which means it's advent calendar time! Time Heaney appears to have a post containing a list of the ones we've found so far, but I mention this to draw attention to the first post on the Catalyst Advent Calendar which I wrote at the request of this year's co-ordinator, Bogdan Lucaciu of Sinapticode. It was a pleasure to review the year and realise just how many exciting things had happened to the Catalyst project, and even more of a pleasure to list name after name, many of whom weren't significantly active contributors this time last year.

I'd be writing something more comprehensive here but the advent article took time, and I'm heads down in my non-work time in preparation for the London Perl Workshop 2009 this weekend. Anybody reading this who's there, of course I'll be in the pub afterwards and you should come grab a beer and say hello - but MAKE SURE TO REGISTER if you're planning to turn up so the logistics can be organised.

In other news, I shipped Web::Simple 0.002 to fix a few bugs the #web-simple crew were kind enough to point out, and to modify the run_if_script code so that you can not only do:

  require 'my/web/simple/app.cgi'; # to just load it into your code

  perl my/web/simple/app.cgi / # to run a commandline test

  cp my/web/simple/app.cgi cgi-bin/ # it Just Works as a CGI script

but now the true return value to make require happy isn't just 1, it's the return value of the newly added as_psgi_app method so you can also run:

  plackup -a my/web/simple/app.cgi # starts a server on port 5000

to take advantage of any and all Plack stuff you have installed.

Enjoy the advent calendars, everybody, and hopefully I'll have something more coherent to say next week :)

-- mst, out