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Exciting days ahead

A new perl, a new iron man, and more

Wed Apr 14 14:45:00 2010

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So, we're having an exciting time of late. Massive congratulations to Jesse Vincent, the perl5 VM pumpking, and all of the perl5 porters who worked so tirelessly to get perl5 release 12 out the door in all it's shiny glory this week. Guys, I'm proud of you all.

Of course, this also means I need to patch Web::Simple since release 12 has a nice additional warnings category of illegalproto which means that instead of:

  warnings->import(FATAL => qw(
    ambiguous bareword digit parenthesis precedence printf
    prototype qw reserved semicolon

I can instead just write:


a fact that makes me a very happy mst indeed (and will hopefully make a lot cleaner as well).

As the Iron Man competition's first anniversary approaches, the North West England Perl Mongers have been hacking away on a new codebase to drive the Iron Man Planet. So, if you're interested in new features in the planet, look at the SVN repository and come onto on to discuss how you can help.

If you're interested in the planet, today would be a great time to get involved too - is hosting a hackathon from 7pm GMT tonight until the participants collapse from exhaustion or the new codebase is ready to go live, whichever comes first - they'd be delighted to have your help, and since I can't attend I've promised that if it goes live before the weekend I'll rewrite the badge code against the new post database. So if you want your badges back, get onto on and help out!

There's one more exciting thing to happen in the next week or two, but I'm not going to tell you what it is yet - you'll just have to watch this feed and find out ...

-- mst, out.