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Iron Mad

The Iron Man forfeit results

Fri May 28 18:15:00 2010

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So, in spite of the fact that I did warn everybody, Stevan Little's Vote Transparent campaign resulted in several yay-sayers and therefore has won for colour.

However, my Hair Dye Ninjas came up with an idea. As the Wikipedia entry on Polar Bears points out, "Polar bear fur consists of a layer of dense underfur and an outer layer of guard hairs, which appear white to tan but are actually transparent." So we're going to get my hair as close as possible to white on basis of that being the nearest possibility.

That is, I'm afraid, all you're going to get when I speak at the Portugese Perl Workshop and German Perl Workshop. I do have a cunning plan with respect to clothing but making that work is going to take me until the two primary renditions of this talk, at YAPC::NA 2010 and YAPC::EU 2010 - I'd say watch this space for updates but, well, I'm not going to give anybody advance warning. Turn up to one of the conferences if you want to find out before the rest of the internet does!

Incidentally, if anybody would like to be educated by me in person, I'll be giving training courses at PTPW, ::NA and ::EU on Catalyst and Moose - see the conference websites for signing up. More importantly, turn up anyway because they're all going to be a blast and I respond much less violently to stupid questions when I've got a beer in my hand!

Iron Mad

So, onwards. The problem of the topic was actually even more troublesome than that of the colour - since NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU HORRIBLE PEOPLE VOTED FOR THE SAME TITLE!

The end result being that I have the following titles:

- Module::Build > ExtUtils::MakeMaker

- Initial design notes for perl 7

- PHP is the future of web development

- The evolution of MVC from Pacman to Django

- Patches Welcome

- Raising Ferrets as a Food Source

- Apple, the devil incarnate

- How using cognitive science will improve HTML::Zoom usability

And, well, there's really only one thing to do, given that's effectively an eight way tie.

Cover all of them in one forty minute talk.

No, I don't know how I'm going to do that. And a big "Fsck you very much" to Dylan Hardison (oddly enough, one of Stevan's co-workers) for suggesting "Raising Ferrets as a Food Source", a topic which I suspect I am going to have to research. And then lose three hours following wikipedia links as a result. Oh well ...

Looks like this is going to be fun. I'm going to try and get back into the game Iron Man wise over the next month but with this conference schedule, I may end up stuck at paper man until August. Wish me luck!

-- mst, out