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Test the RC! Test the RC! Test the RC!

perl 5 v10.1 RC1 is out so now we need YOU to test it

Fri Aug 7 17:15:00 2009

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perl 5 v10.1 RC1 has been released and better still - so has RC2 and you can download it from here. It's here, it's real, and it's important that you download and test this. gugod has a post showing how to install it to your home directory so you can test it without affecting the rest of your system and you should follow the instructions, set your $PATH to include $HOME/local/bin and try running any and all code that's important to you.

Remember - all complex software contains bugs, and the perl5 VM is definitely a complex piece of software. The only way we can try and make sure that those bugs don't affect our users is to encourage them to test things before we release them - so if you're reading this, and you don't test this release candidate, any bugs that affect you that you would have found if you did are YOUR FAULT. So get a copy built and start playing, and hopefully either there'll be no bugs that affect you or they'll be easy for the perl5 porters to fix once you report them to using perlbug.

-- mst, out