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First Post!

Oh noes! Run for cover!

Thu Apr 25 18:00:00 2013

Well, they finally let me loose on the actual site. Hope it doesnt explode when I actually post this! (Ofcourse, if are reading this through the site, then we can assume it either hasnt exploded, or we've repaired the damage).

So its safe to come out?

That depends if it was safe before you ran for cover. Best bet is to assume its never safe, and come out anyway. But enough of this!

Who are you then?

I'm Tom, and I am the newest member to join the Shadowcat staff. I am currently the Intern, or more 'affectionately' known as Minion by all, including Mark's sons. My actual working background is all retail, however I do have a CertHE in Electronic Engineering, and I have been programing in various languages for quite some time. Only recently have I started programming in Perl, and although I have yet to put my finger on it, there is something quite special about this language - less the language itself, but more the community around it.

So far at Shadowcat, I have been working on internal projects, and getting used to the way we work around here, which seems quite relaxed but focused. The Shadowcat way of getting you up to speed (ie. throwing you off the deep end and seeing how you cope), has been interesting, and has shown me just how much I know, and also how much I need to learn. It has also taught me something that is useful in most things in life, which is, if you dont know how to make something work, just ask and someone will probably have come across the issue before, or will be able to figure it out.

If people want to get in contact with me, feel free to find me on one of the channels in IRC on freenode or, where my nickname is TBSliver. You can also find me on my blog where I post about other things not related to work (well, mostly). You can also e-mail me, at my Shadowcat e-mail address t.bloor AT

Well thats about all I can think of to say today, so tune in next time!