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December 2007 News

December 2007 News Archive

Sat Dec 1 00:00:00 2007

This is the shadowcat news archive for December 2007.

TODO Manager for Winter of Code official page
Announcement by Thomas Klausner
Shadowcat is pleased to announce that we will be developing the management application for the Winter of Code project's TODO test section. Rather than receiving the 1000 euro bounty offered for this application we will instead be asking to consider it a donation and to distribute it to Catalyst related projects. The application code so developed will be released as open source software under the same license as perl itself and you can follow the development log on this site

London Perl Workshop

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Catalyst Quick Start
Database Haters Anonymous, LPW07 Remix
Whose App is it Anyway
London perl Workshop 2007 Archive

Well the Perl Workshop 2007 is over and went to a great success for the team. During the event Simon officially stood down as leader of and Greg took over the helm by collecting Niles. You can see a report of the day and some images in the London perl Workshop 2007 Archive.