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NWE.PM June Technical Meeting 2009

Matt S Trout and Mark Keating attending the NWE.PM Technical Meeting

Mon Jun 1 11:51:38 2009

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North-West England Perl Monguers
Meeting 6: Tech Meeting 3

Matt S Trout and Mark Keating will be in Manchester on the 1st July for the North West England Perl Mongers bi-monthly technical meeting.

The shape of the evening will be Lightning Talks, the idea being that each person is able to bring a lightning talk to the meeting, or will be inspired to do a lightning talk at a future gathering after viewing the ones on offer.

In true mst style, Matt S. Trout will be going last in the talks and will present a five-minute talk based on the title the audience give to him at the start of the proceedings.

The meeting is being held on the 1st July, one week later than its due date, to allow Mark/Matt to attend YAPC::NA and the Technical.NWE.PM TECH MEET Lightning Talks