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Training Sessions in Oslo

Matt S. Trout presenting a week of training

Thu Apr 22 11:25:24 2010

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Oslo Perl Mongers
Booking site for courses

Matt S. Trout will be presenting training courses in Oslo during May to coincide with a talk at the Communities in Action event. The Training will be from the 10th-14th May and will cover courses on DBIx::Class and Moose, with a full days introduction to each followed by a Masterclass day that will take your knowledge even further.

The courses are modular in nature being comprised of four 90 minute units on each day that compliment each other to provide a balanced programme. Each module has a lecture and a practical element. There will be a complimentary lunch for attendees.

If you wish to attend one or more of the days then please go to the Booking site to reserve a place.