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November 2010 News

November 2010 News Archive

Mon Nov 1 00:00:00 2010

This is the shadowcat news archive for November 2010.

Perl Oasis 2011

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Perl Oasis 2011 Homepage
Call for Speakers
Call for Sponsors

Shadowcat Systems will be sponsoring the 2011 Perl Oasis held in the city of Orlando, Florida on the 14th-16th January. Our sponsorship this year was to pay for the event venue which we were able to do while attending the Perl Oasis in 2010.

Perl Oasis is one of the first events on the yearly Perl calendar and always attracts a good range of experienced speakers and distinguished attendees. It therefore serves as a great venue to start the year in regards to learning the latest changes in the Perl world and networking with people. As sponsors we would urge other companies to contact Chris with their sponsorship requirements, he will care for and cater to your needs while providing a good backdrop for you to integrate your company into the wider Perl community.

Due to potential conflict schedules it may be that Matt S. Trout will be unable to attend the conference in 2011, but plans are afoot to send a Senior Shadowcat member, so we look forward to seeing you there.

Plat_forms Contest

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Plat_Forms Home Announcement Page

Shadowcat Systems will be sponsoring a team for the Plat_Forms competition to be held in January 2011. The competition is designed to have teams of programmers (three top-class programmers in each team) compete to implement a api in their chosen language. The results will then be judged.

Shadowcat Systems will be sending mst (our very own Matt S. Trout), Rafl (Florian Ragwitz) and Phaylon (Robert Sedlacek another Shadowcat Developer).

We wish our team best luck in representing the Perl language in the competition, in particular Raptor Perl.