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october 2010 News

October 2010 News Archive

Fri Oct 1 00:00:00 2010

This is the shadowcat news archive for October 2010.

London Perl Workshop 2010

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London Perl Workshop 2010

Mark Keating, Managing Director of Shadowcat Systems, will once again be organising the London Perl Workshop which is being held at the University of Westminster's Cavendish campus on Saturday 4th December.

It is once again a pleasure for Shadowcat Systems to be involved in the London Perl Workshop, and for Mark it is a yearly event that he truly enjoys. Mark has promised a blog post or two about the event, in particular he will be talking about some of the great sponsors in the Perl community as well as outlining some of the events of the day.

This year will see a slight departure from the previous years event with the introduction of a Job Faire for attendees and a game of Lightning Talk Bingo invented and arranged by Edmund von der Burg. It is highly recommended that you head over to the conference website and register.

NWEPM 2010 Hackathon

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North West England Perl Mongers Homepage
Meeting Information
Hackday 2010 Page
Project Oyster Page
Why Aim so Low - Mark Keating's Blog
Oyster Project - Osfameron's blog
Ian Norton's blog on last year's Hackday

On Saturday 20th November Shadowcat Systems Limited will once again play host to the good people of the North West england Perl Mongers for their annual Hackathon. In contrast to last year this Hackathon was chosen, almost democratically, by the members of the group at the technical meeting in September.

This year's project will be Oyster, as proposed by Osfameron in a truly excellent presentation. We will be meeting in October to plan the day and expect their to be more details on the respective websites and wiki in the coming month.

We invite all those who can make it to the event location to join us and have a good time with pizza and snacks provided by Shadowcat Systems. If you cannot make it to the location as a physical presence then please try to join us online for a worldwide hack day. You can join in on the wiki and in on