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Dynamic Languages 2011

Mark Keating an Organiser Dynamic Languages Conference 2011

Thu Feb 10 17:11:24 2011

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Mark Keating has joined with Marco Fontani (leader of in an attempt to bring a new type of conference to Edinburgh.

The Dynamic Languages conference which will be held in conjunction with a host of other IT related events alongside (either during or soon after) the Edinburgh Festival in August/early September is aimed at being the first UK conference aimed at the Open Source Dynamic Languages such as, but not restricted to, Perl, Python, Ruby, we will also accept other languages such as Haskell, OCaml and will also seek submissions from PhP and Javascript who have demonstrated a growing maturity over the last few years.

Mark and Marco are hoping to work alongside partner organisations in Scotland to coincide the Dynamic Languages Conference with events such as the Erlang University. There will be more news announcements to follow.