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Shadowcat Systems is a Sponsor

Thu May 26 14:15:24 2011

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YAPC NA 2011
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Once again Shadowcat Systems will sponsor the YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference) North American event, which is this year to be held in Ashville, North Carolina.

Shadowcat Systems staff have provided time to the organisation of the conference, and this has been determined as a sign of company sponsorship by the organisers. It is rare that organisers promote this form of company invovement into an event, and the recognition of this by YAPC is commendable. It is also an illustration to companies that becoming involved in a community and the associated activities need not have a direct fiscal cost. Sometimes companies need only support the decisions our staff make and attempt to ease any difficulties they have with scheduling their time, we can also help promote the event in company literature and to staff, clients and business partners.

Matt S. Trout and Chris Nehren will also be attending, and presenting talks, at the conference.