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Shadowcat Staff Support the LPW2011

Shadowcat Systems Staff Shine at the LPW

Tue Nov 15 14:30:00 2011

Shadowcat Systems staff in the shape of Mark Keating, Matt S. Trout, Chris Jackson and Leigh Keating attended the 8th London Perl Workshop on the 12th November at the University of Westminster's Cavendish Campus.

Shadowcat Systems has had a long history of engagement in the conference and it is not coincidence that the event has grown at the same time. This year saw the event entertain over two hundred and fifty people with five tracks of presentations and workshops. Mark Keating has been the principal organiser for the fourth year in a row and has continually strived to make the event bigger and more varied in scope. The inclusion of beginner workshops, training sessions and accompanying social events has aided in this.

Matt S. Trout has also made a great impact on the event giving well received talks and unique lightning talks each year. This year saw him deliver two conference-driven talks that included development of new CPAN modules.

Over the last four years Leigh Keating and Chris Jackson have manned the registration desk and provided support to the creation of conference material and auxillary organisation, easing the load on mark and creating a pleasant atmosphere for attendees at the conference.

Next year is the 25th anniversary of Perl and the following year will be the 10th London Perl Workshop. There can be no doubt that the Shadowcat team will play a big part in the event for both of these celebratory years.

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