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October 2011 News

October 2011 News Archive

Sat Oct 1 00:00:00 2011

This is the shadowcat news archive for October 2011.

Perl Oasis 2012

Once again Shadowcat Systems are proud to be venue sponsors for the Perl Oasis, which will next year be held on the 14th January at the Four Points Sheraton in Orlando.

It is a pleasure for us to sponsor this event again this year. The Perl Oasis is a compact conference with a massive reach, everything about it is a surprise in size. It is a one day conference but it has a three day programme of events. It is limited to a small geographical area yet it has international attendees and is known throughout the Perlverse. It is a Woodstock in the feeling and like Burning Man you just have to be there.

At least one Shadowcat staff member is likely to attend, if only for the chance to go to a theme park once again, and it may be a fight which one of us it is as the Perl Oasis is a fun conference to be at and to speak at. For us it is a chance to speak to respected Mongers with the ideas we are shuffling into the new year holding and with which we may shape the following conference season.

I hope I see you there...

Perl Oasis Homepage
Call for speakers
The Value of Sponsorship
Call for sponsors

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GSoC Mentors' Conference

The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an event that has been run for several years with the aim of sponsoring students to work on open source projects for many OSS organisations. This year Mark Keating helped on the team for the Perl Foundation.

At the end of the project Google holds a special mentors conference at Mountain View in California and Mark will be attending this on behalf of the Perl Foundation, and of course will be representing Shadowcat Systems as well.

keep your eyes peeled at Mark's many blogs or just look at for more...

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NWEPM 2011: Hackday 3

Once again Shadowcat Systems is proud to host the North West England Perl Mongers' Hackday at our offices in Lancaster. This is the third year that the Mongers of the North of England have gathered together with guests from other Perl groups both international and local for a hacking event.

This year the focus is on adding features and upgrading two communmity projects, and

The hackathon can be attended in person or by irc on in the chanel. Those of you that attend in person will benefit from good company, bad jokes, strong coffee and a range of snacks and early evening beer and pizza all sponsored by Shadowcat.

I hope we see you there.

Presenting Perl Homepage
Ironman Homepage
NWE Homepage
NWE November meeting page
NWE Wiki:Main Page
NWE Wiki:Ironman
NWE Wiki:PresentingPerl

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London Perl Workshop 2011

London Perl Workshop Homepage

Shadowcat Systems staff in the shape of Mark Keating, Matt S. Trout, Chris Jackson and Leigh Keating will once again be attending and helping to run the London Perl Workshop, the UK's Perl Workshop, on November 12th at the University of London's Cavendish Campus.

Manchester Unconference

Unconference page
facebook page for the event

Shadowcat Systems staff in the shape of Mark Keating and Matt S. Trout, will be attending the Manchester Unconference as organised by FlossUK. They will be representing their local Perl Monger group,, and will be giving out leaflets on behalf of The Perl Foundation

The unconference is a free event (though donations are accepted on the door) in which the attendees/delegates themselves decide the pattern of events for the day and present based upon that. They have a good reputation for being quality events in which there is usually a display of cutting edge ideas and emergent technology.

I hope we see you there.

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