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Beer-Matt (Beermat)

A Mat for your Beer, A Beer for Matt?

Wed Apr 11 19:40:05 2012

Last year we at Shadowcat decided that our CTO should have a Beermat for a business card. This was an easy choice, he is famous for his liking of a cheeky ale at the end of a hard day and for sharing his views on all things Perl with anyone who has an ear free to listen with.

The design that was eventually used had his gracious visage with some simple plays on words regarding his name, the liking of said ales and the device the medium being used as promotion. This design served him well and there are several hundred of these in circulation.

This has, therefore, started something of a tradition or possibly an old charter, or maybe even a by-law, in which we feel compelled to continue the practice of using a beermat as a business card.

However, we at Shadowcat Castle do not like the idea of using the same design year after year in some tired treading of a road already traveled. It is with that in mind that I present the 2012 Matt S. Trout Beermat. A limited edition object that will grace the space between beverage receptacle and surface rested upon.

Even the incautious reader with a weary eye cannot fail to notice that this year's design bursts with colour and depicts an amusing, and if one is truthful, stunningly accurate caricature of our fearless technical leader. So, if you happen across him in the coming months be sure to pick up a mat or two from this year's bunch before they are all gone.

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