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Shadowcat's 7th Birthday

Hopi Bofdi

Tue Apr 10 13:20:05 2012

Today it is Shadowcat Systems' 7th birthday. We were officially incorporated as a UK company on the 10th April 2005.

The last seven years have been a fun ride with Shadowcat as we have tried to forge a different way of doing business. We like to think of ourselves as an Enlightened Consultancy. We aren't too interested in coming in, offering tons of advice and then leaving with a large paycheck. We are more interested in getting companies to work positively with the communities and languages they choose to utilise in business.

We also don't believe that it is all about the code. it is important to have good code, good docs and a great business model, but if you don't invest in the people and their desires and the communities they immerse themselves in you are behind the curve in any modern regards. At least this is how we see it

It is, therefore, a great privilege to be working in, and with, the Perl community. To be active members of the community as project leads, organisers, managers and sponsors. We love to visit conferences and host events at our offices. We enjoy making resources available and are always glad to hear feedback and involve people in making those resources better. Not least we adore the people we meet and work with both commercially and socially in and around our business and community.

We are looking forward to a great 12 months and our eighth year of trading*

*It should be noted that although Shadowcat has had seven years, Matt and Mark have been working on projects together for closer to nine.

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