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Mark Keating Joins the Community Advocacy Group

Advocating Change

Tue Aug 7 15:50:25 2012

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As part of the ongoing need to have a closer link between the organisational elements of the Perl world and the broader community, coupled with its continuing support of the local community, the Perl Foundation has formed a Community Advocacy Committee ( community_advocacy_committee).

Mark Keating has been asked by the Chair of the Committee, Yaakov Sloman, to sit as a member due to his links to the Perl Community and his strong support of the wider Perl world.

"It is yet again a great honour," said Mark blushing profusely, "to be asked to join by long-standing community members, and as a person they wanted on board was a privilege, I hope to similarly volunteer/recruit people to the marketing committee, starting with Yaakov as he has a lot of experience in the field and is a great communicator and advocate of the community."

It is a further display of the commitment that Shadowcat Systems has to the community and the recognition of such by our peers, and we at Shadowcat are enormously proud, yet appropriately humbled, by the honour bestowed on a staff member.