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Shadowcat Supports CPAN Testers

Giving Each and Every Month

Fri Aug 24 21:32:25 2012

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Mark Keating, Managing Director and de facto monarch at Castle Shadowcat, recently presented at YAPC Europe in Frankfurt on the need to support CPAN Testers.

With the work done by Shadowcat Staff for the community, in particular our sponsorship, support, programming time, promotion and dedication to the Enlightened Perl Organisation who organise the financial side of CPAN Testers, we do already sponsor them.

Many other people give up their valuable time and effort to support this worthwhile service.

However, Mark has pointed out that if 40 companies, institutions or individuals, each dedicate just twenty pounds (£20) a month to CPAN Testers then the majority of all their bills can be met.

Therefore Shadowcat Systems will be the first organisation to step up to that plate and donate twenty pounds each month. We encourage you to do the same at the CPAN Testers Donations Page on the Enlightened Perl main donation pages.

Join us and help keep this invaluable service alive and growing.