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Shadowcat Staff to Attend Damian Conway's Workshops

Trained by a Master (Grand Master, Wizard Class)

Sat Aug 18 16:20:25 2012

In October the reknown trainer, tutor and presenter Damian Conway will be giving two workshops in London and Shadowcat staff will be there.

Mark has already written about Damian a few times on his Perly blog, the most noticeable being the recent The Dao of Presenting. In which he expresses a great admiration for Damian and the workshops.

Poster made by Mark Keating to advertise Damian

Poster made by Mark Keating to advertise Damian Conway's presentation skills course

Shadowcat Staff in the form of: Jess 'castaway' Robinson, Mark 'mdk' Keating and Ian 'idn' Norton will be attending either the Regular Expressions or the Presentation Skills days.

Shadowcat Systems highly endorses Damian Conway as a presenter and trainer and we recommend the Presentation Skills Workshop to anyone who has to speak to an audience or in public, even at meetings to colleagues.

The Shadowcat Staff look forward to seeing you there.