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Ian and Jess join the Perl Foundation Marketing Committee

More Meat for the Grinder

Mon Aug 27 17:20:25 2012

It was announced on the Perl Foundation homepage today that three new members were added to the marketing committee to help further promote Perl and the community to a wider audience.

It is our pleasure at Castle Shadowcat that two of the members added are Shadowcat related and come in the guise of Ian Norton and Jess Robinson, both recent additions to our illustrious ranks.*

We wish them both well in their new roles and hope that they further the excellent cause that this committee was created to tackle. No doubt we will have more to report in the coming months.

* They may be recent additions to Shadowcat but both Ian and Jess have been prmoinent and active members of the Perl community for many years and are well known in many channels and on lists as idn and castaway.