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A Bite to Eat from Bytemark

Mon Dec 24 14:30:25 2012

It is rare that we get to extoll the virtues of one of our suppliers to Castle Shadowcat. But in this last month we are happy to be thankful to two of them and glad to report on them here.

The first was Jack Knight of KnightTime Creations who has been working on some commissions of artwork for us and who recently gave us a special Christmas gift, (see the news article on the Christmas Cat) the second is one of our hosting companies, Bytemark.

Bytemark, hosts some of our services and we have also had the pleasure of working with them in sponsorship for a number of Perl projects like the London Perl Workshop. Bytemark are a great company to work with as they are geared towards providing excellent support and service to their customers.

Last week we received a special gift at the windy Gatehouse of Shadowcat, a handmade Christmas Cake from a wonderful local tradesperson, Betty's of Harrogate. This cake was a gift for being a client of Bytemarks.

The XMAS Cake

The Cake

The Card

The Card

It is a pleasure to be the customer of a company who value your business and provide a great service to you, it is heightened when they appreciate you in return. We would all like to say a great big thanks to Bytemark and to wish them well in 2013.