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The Animated Cat #2

The Second Animated Cat is really the First

Thu Dec 20 14:00:25 2012

Following on from the continuing news stories on this site, see links below, you should know by now that we are using the talents of the excellent Jack Knight to create a series of profile images for the Shadowcat Staff to be used in promotional ways in the future.

Animated CatBot MkI

Animated CatBot MkI

As part of that series we are having some animated cats created the first of these has already been shown to the world as the Animated CatBot MkII, I present to you here the Animated CatBot MkI: Logo Kitty (or Robo-Logo-Kitty if you like).

A further CatBot will be coming soon and we will be happy to show it off to the world, there will even be a piece of fun involved with him, more soon.