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The Christmas Cat

An extra cat, a special cat, A Christmas Cat.

Sat Dec 22 18:35:25 2012

As you may have read we are having a series of images done by Jack Knight of Knight Time Creations that depict the Shadowcat team as characters from a pseudo-world based loosely on a notion of Steam and Diesel Punk.

We are all really enjoying the look and feel that Jack is bringing to our ideas and the lick of excellence he has brought to the images. A recent commission was to do a few CatBot variants for us to use and Jack has done a stunning job on these.

But Jack has gone one step further, without asking he has created a special cat for us which we are dubbing the Christmas Cat, and since it is 2012 it is the ArmageddoCat CatBot MkIV-s. We at Castle Shadowcat had no say in this as it wasn't commissioned Jack created it as a gift. Here it is:

Animated CatBot MkIV-s

The Extra Special 2012 Christmas Cat: ArmageddoCat CatBot MkIV-s

It is refreshing, rewarding and enormously complimentary to work with a person of Jack's professionalism but when he combines it with a kindness and thoughtful attitude to his clients you know you have found someone to have a special working relationship with. If you need any work done of this type I can't recommend using him enough.